Dell™ Inspiron™ 2650 Notebook

Steve R Jones

Steve R Jones

1.8 GHz Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 processor
384 megs ram (256 built in, 128 in user-accessible SODIMM socket)
20 gig Hard Drive

Win XP Pro with separate cd copy of SP2.(fresh install - all updates installed)

Dell™ Inspiron™ 2600 and 2650 - Specifications & Manuals

*** Note - Both hinges are "cracked" on the lid. The lid works, but it is HIGHLY Recommended that this notebook be Only used as a Desktop pc. ***

I picked it up from my employer. It hasn't been dragged around the world and has mainly been used as a desktop pc in an office environment. It looks next to new but is 5+ years old.

$165.00 SHIPPED to 48 Continental States
PayPal and money orders accepted. Will ship regular mail upon receipt of payment.