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What has happened? In the space of a month the DDR-RAM prices have rocketed. I'm guessing its a combination of cuts to production, switches to DDR2700, and the emergence of the intel i845DDR chipset. Looks like its heading back to the ridiculous prices of two years ago (near £100 for a stick of RAM). I'm suprised given the drop in component sales over the last year.

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Heehee, got my 256MB OCZ DDR2400 a month ago for $41.99. Just checked the place where I ordered from, now it's $64.99. How lucky of me

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It is still pretty cheap...compared to previous versions of memory such as pc-133.



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Hey about a year and half ago, I spent $125 for 128mb Micron PC133 CAS3. So I wouldnt be complaining about how much you all are spending. I would gladly pay that much for that memory. If I could have spent that for memory when I bought this memory, I would have had a little left over for a bigger monitor.

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I got really lucky with DDR prices. my local best buy had Crucial 256MB DDR PC2100 for $25 after instant and mail in rebates. bought two of them for computer im building


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768mb cas2 crucial for £80 inc vat and postage 2 months ago.

my only regret - not waiting 3 days for it to be £77 hehehehehehe

hopefully when i switch to ddr the prices will be better than now, if not i'll have to skimp on something frivolous, like food

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My "Asian Connection" tells me RAM is on the rise, so tonight I "BUY".

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I a story about this upcoming event on TechTV.
it's beacuse of Windows XP and some other new platforms causing a large demand for memory.
you can still get it cheap, but get it now if you want it beacuse the next couple months are gonna be alittle rockey.
Most memory manufacturers are expected to crank prices very shortly.

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