Daisychaining Peripherals



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I've just bought a Visioneer 6100B Flatbed Scanner. I already have an Epson Color II printer.
"According to the Visioneer book" the printer should be daisy-chained through the scanner. HOWEVER . . .
When I do this and try to print anything to the Epson (document or test page) I get a "paper out" error followed by a "printer off-line" message.
This does not happen if I reconnect the printer directly into the computer.
I am using the latest drivers for all equipment.
The printer works OK on its own. The scanner works OK on its own.
I have even reformatted the HDD, and reinstalled everything from scratch.
Visioneer e-mail support is no longer active and (because I'm not in the USA) I can't use their 800 number.
Any thoughts please?