Cyborg 3D Stick left drift



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I have got this stick and can calibrate it without problems. But in any game i.e. WC Prophecy there is a drift to upper left. I've tried everything,installed the game-port new, got patch drivers from saitek, but nothing helps. Only, if I switch the stick to analogue and install it manual, it works. But here you can't programm the buttons. Do anybody found a solution?


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If you have'nt done this already ...e-mail SAITEK at [email protected] they might help...I've had mine less than a month and have already broken the LONG plastic trigger ( adrenaline rush during a dogfight on Fighter Ace )and cannot fully calibrate in digital mode either..they seem like such great sticks , but I'm concerned about their longevity..if you find some great solution , please e-mail me and enlighten [email protected]


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I've found the solution! On the english Saitek page you can download a
beta-driver. At first I've looked on the german page - there is also a
patch, but it didn't work.
The english patch includes the files saijoy.vdx and saicpl.dll and a
registry key. Just copy the files into the winsows\system directory and
upgrade the registry. After that my stick got a right-drift! So I've
looked in to the registry, and under the key:
Cyborg 3D Digital Stick\Axes
you can trim you stick. Originally, after the update the keys axis/0 and
axis/1 looks so: "Deadband"=dword:00000007. Now you can trim your stick
with changing the values of deadbend (0-7). After every change you need
to restart windows and recalibrate the stick.