Cut-off date for the P2 400's?



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I think i have one of the earlier p2 400's (august 98), wasn't there some cutoff date where Intel started adding bus-locking capability? where can i find out if my system is bus-locked (besides actually trying to raise the bus speed)

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umm.. as far as i know, none of the intel processors have bus locking enabled on them.
but they do have multiplier locking.

even the pIIIs don;t have the bus speed locked, just look at all of the overclocking results posted all over web.

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Yah, sorry, that is what i meant (multiplier locking)... wasn't there a cutoff date on the p2 400's when intel introduced multiplier locking?



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There is a really easy way of checking whether or not your multiplier is locked or not. Why not just try upping the multiplier and you will quickly see for yourself if it works. I have a p400 and that is locked...bummer. Does anyone know how to "unlock" or tamper with the chip, i believe it involves sticking tape over some pins on the slot. I have also seen loads of reviews of systems that have been sucessfully unlocked and overclocked something rediculous.


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You can't 'unlock' the chip after manufacture, and as I remember it was the PII300 that first had the mult lock...