cs, geforce 256 and win2k


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anyone getting choppy framerates in counterstrike? it says im getting about 60-90 fps but it seems like only 30. ive tried all different drivers and it sitll does the same thing. it ran fine in windows 98. my friend with a tnt2 ultra said he had the same problem too, any solution?


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i am glad to find a fellow CS player in this forum. seems like everyone is into UT (i cant figure out why though!)
CS ROCKS! i was having cs run no as smooth as it could in w2k so i switched back to win98SE and all is well. CS runs super smooth and having to go back to win98 is worth it (i am totally hooked on cs)
such a great game.


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did you guys ever find out how to run CS in win2k?

I want to upgrade, but wont until I know my games will work.


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