Crusty corrosioned motherboard solder all over the place!


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I have had this motherboard for over a year now and recently I have been having problems. So I took my motherboard off of the Inwin plate and checked it out and found at alot of the small black chips whateveer they are had crusty salty like crap at each solder joint. I noticed that my box was not OC'n like it used to either. Anyway I took the mobo out and with a needle cleaned all of the crusty crap from each solder joint. It booted fine now. It would not boot before but I have been playing this no boot pony act now for about 2 weeks. I think the corrosion crust is at fault cause small capacitance across their joints.

First question is have you seen this before? If so what causes it. It is only around some of the resistors and PLL's. It was on some of the ICS pll clock generator too. Only a few pins though. Maybe it is on the 3.3 rail on the mobo Too bad realtek does not have a PDF for my clock generator!

Yes I have used very extreme cooling methods on it Dry Ice and Cryo liquid cooling if you remember that one! I never had much condesation though then and when I did I cleaned it up with a blow dryer!
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Shoulda sprayed it with polyurethane or or some type of sealer while you had it out....nip it in the bud,so to speak. ;)