Creative vs Auzentech



I was reading on creative's forums, and there was a thread demanding new drivers to fix issues with the current drivers for the X-FI cards. So I went to look at other cards, curious to see what is out there. I came across Auzentech, and noticed they use the exact same engine (x-fi chip). However drivers are more up to date, and seem better (funny, creative builds the drivers, but auzentech must chip in funds or something to get new drivers). In fact the 2nd run of the cards was done late October of this year. So its not a product released, then not supported on XP. I guess creative says Vista is supported because its the favored OS. But as others said, XP is used widely, and Vista is not. Not to mention a new OS is coming in 09 (same year XP support will cease).

So anyone have any experience with Auzentech? The review I read was very favorable, and it had better sound than even creatives cards.

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