creative cdw a ricoh ?



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is a creative cdr 6424 a ricoh with ricoh


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Creative doesn't really make any of their drives. It can be a Ricoh, Panasoni or a TEAC. I'm sure there are others that I don't even know about.

I suggest just using the drivers at Creative's website... you'll be safer that way.


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The Creative Labs CD-RW drive isn't made by Ricoh! It's a sony from what I've heard & I'd avoid any Creative Labs CD-RW drive like a really bad virus.




Best 4x4 is rite about that!!!!
Fuck those creative [email protected]!!!
I unfortunately bought a CL 4224 CD-RW
and I have had constant troubles with this piece of shit!
I used to always get CRC-errors until i disabled a program that their installer installed on my comp (prassi abCD), then after i got that handled, when i burn music CD's they are fucked up that they wont't even be read on either my pc cd-rom's or my discman (panasonic) or my home system!!!
FUCking I also emailed those bastards like a month ago for help, and they still haven't responded!!! Fuck Creative they rott!! Get a HP or RICOH or Yamaha they rule! plus u can get a firmware update that will make them run at higher speeds like 4x to 6x!! coo and for free too! Heed my advice ull htank me


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My cousin told me that Creative's 6424 CD-RW aer from Ricoh. I'm not sure, but it does have one of the less common 6x4x24x ratings like the Ricoh one. I think Creative's products are from Singapore(my place here). So generally it is cheaper here, at about US$230 I can get this drive. But I already have the Ricoh 7060A.

Very strange for there is not one shop in my place here where most big retailers are selling this great drive. Only have it so far. Very expensive here, about US$300!!!