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ok guys'got a question. My kt7a is at 115 fsb currently (750 duron = 863) but if i try to goto 116 it crashes, usually durring windows boot, iver tried increasing/decreasing volts but its still crashing, could it be my ram? its PC 100, 192 mb of it, or is it casue its jsut getting to hot?


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It could be the ram but it's most likely just because the chipset can't take it. Most people dont get their kt133 chipsets over 115ish....that's as far as I ever got my asus A7v.

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He's using a KT133A so I would think that 116 should be no problem. What sort of crashes are you getting? It would either suggest that the ram can handle it, or that the cpu doesnt like that high a speed....

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ok so i bought 128 of PC 133 today, will boot at 116 and i make it to windows but it dosent really stand much of a chance of surving, it ends up crashing.........


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do u think im overheating ormy video card is just not taking the spped, could be it casue i use 3dmark to test, must run cpu intensive program only tomorrow