Crashed Screen



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I Have a system witch has a Shuttle HOT-591P Via Chipset Motherboard with a AMD K62 300 Mhz processor, 2 dimm's of 32 Mb 100Mhz, the problem is that if i put the processor working at 100 Mhz*3 bus speed when i am in windows am mainly at programs instalations the screnn start to show a lot of replics of the objects that are at the screen at start i thougt the problem was of the video card (Matrox Mystique PCI) then i changed to a Matrox Millenium G200 Agp but problems continues i tryed diferent timings in the bios but problem persisted, the system is only stable when i ran it a 75 Mhz*4 bus speed, if someone sould help i would be apreciated.