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I bought a voodoo 3 3500 not long ago (but when it was still expensive)and i expected to get smooth performance in most games. But I started playing Counter Strike and even on 800x600, it drops to about 8fps. My other comp has a tnt2 and it runs pretty smoothly. (Same specs.AMD k6-2 500, loads of ram,good hard drive.)
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The Voodoo3 GPU just can't cut it anymore. That's why I bought a GeForce2 GTS to replace mine
. With the GeForce3 out, expect games to seem even slower in the next year or so...



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id get around 20fps to 30fps on cs in 800x600x32 on cs on my intel 300a celeron w/128megs ram and a ati xpert2000 32mb. of course i play in 640x480 in cs cause i get higher fps.


The HL engine is old and has some flaws. A friend of mine has a V3, and when running some maps, performance is great, on plain sucks. This is due to different R-speeds. The more detail the level has, the slower it will run. And at a point, the engine will just choke. This differs between computers. The only simple solution that I'm aware of is to play a different map with less detail.

Or make your own...make three rooms, and fill one of them with some boxes. Very playable, very fast, and very, very ugly.

BTW I get like >100 fps avg on any map with my TBird 1200 and GF2mx.

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