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I am looking for information in reguards to the Matsushita - Kotobuki model number CR-563-B. The system that I am working on has DOS and Windows 3.1. The CD-ROM works when there is power attached to it but doesn't recognize that a CD is in the tray. When stepping through config.sys and autoexec.bat the drivers seem to work because it shows that it recognizes the drive and does assign it a drive letter. I even went out to your web site and downloaded the lastest drivers for this model. I also removed the CD-ROM from that machine and put it into my machine and hooked power and ribbon cable up and the CD-ROM tray would not even come out. Almost like there was not power to it. I unhooked the ribbon cable and the CD-ROM started up just fine and opened the tray when I pushed the button. Can you lead me in the correct direction? Is the CD-ROM bad? What other things can I try for diagnostics?

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It sounds like your drive is dying. MKE drives do seem to collapse after 2-3 years, and the problems you're describing sound very familiar. Unless you can get it working in another PC, I reckon you should just get another one - they're not too expensive.

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hi fouks

if all else fails you could try and clean the optic lense with isotropic alchohol and clean lint free paper.
mediswabs and cigarette papers are ideal,
use them all the time for optic fibres at work.


--563 bit of an old panasonic cd rom, uses pana own i/f and easy to confuse with ide as both 40 pin.

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Isn't that an old 2x style? Needs to attach to a sound card, will not work directly to an IDE slot. Buy a new one, todays software requires more than a 2x.


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the cr 563 b does take a panaosonic interface and is not ide the pan interface was found on many soundblaster sound cards