CPU K62-300, MB FIC VA503+ and diamond Stealth video 2500



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My problem is: when I use the diamonD stealth 2500 video card in my system, it's not possible to use both win 95 and win 98. There is no problem with this video card because I can still use it in my old pentium 100 system.
Whem I use my other video card, a Trident 9440, win 95/98 work ok.
The only way to load win95 or win98 usein the diamond card is in safe mode. Even when I set windows to VGA mode and then try to load Windows in normal mode, it just locks...

I have already tried to install the diamond 2500's drivers, but it didn't help.

Anybody has any idea of what is my problem??



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So far, I have seen the Diamond work just dandy under WIN98 & WIn95 on a P166 system using an older PC Chips motherboard. No problems similar to those you described.


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Sound like you have partitioned your HD and have multiple boot configuration (Why,.. I don't know) for win95 & win98. If so, try NOT using the self-installation program for driver installation. Rather, in each OS, pick the decompressed video card driver from a unique folder (one in each partition) you have previously created. Do this from the "change driver" or "add new hardware" interface in the control-panel or system configuration window.. Good Luck,



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I have run into the exact same behavior. VA-503+ with an AMD K62-350 and the Stealth 2500. Installing '98 and it'll boot into safe mode, but will not come up normally. System locks at cloud screen when attempting to bring up the desktop. Black screen and no error messages either. This is not a dual-boot system and I eventually got the OS setup using a Matrox Mystique. No info on either Diamond or FIC's websites. You're the second person I've found who had this problem as well. Let's hope someone has an answer and not just idle assumptions...


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I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But it's probably that damn Motherboard. I had that same setup k6-2/300+fic at 336o/c and it hated ALL pci cards. I recently read a review of the motherboard on a computer site and they slammed it.
That motherboard is so cheap/crappy that it ruined my entire view of AMD until I found out about the board. It was too late though, I now run at celeron 300a @ 450.