cpu effects tnt-2's performance?



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I'm sorry to repost.. but no one ever gave me a definite answer. And no one wants to open the thread now that someone has replied.

I have a 300a (oc'd to 450 naturally). Do you think the tnt2's performance would be effected by my cpu? I also plan on getting 256megs PC100.

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A faster cpu will always help. The TNT2's
are proccessor bound not vise versa.

Until the cpu's hit 600+ Mhz, they are the
slower part.

If you dont plan on having 4 or more programs
running in open windows at once, you dont
need 256Megs of ram. Unless it's a server
of course...

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Get the TNT2. At 450 it will be fine (albeit a bit slower than V3). The increased rendering bits and AGP support are easily worth the loss of speed since at the frame rates you will be getting (>50), you will surely not notice it. On the flip side, you WILL notice the image quality difference on newer games like Q3Test.

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