Cooling video RAM and MoBo Cache/Chipset?



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Does cooling the chipset (socket 7, mvp3 chipset) and cache on a motherboard improve performance, or remove heat at all?

Also, I ran across a website (2cooltek) and saw how this guy put lot's of heatsinks on the RAM on his TNT2 card, which supposedly made it possible to overclock the memory speed more. (this site is also where I saw someone put a heatsink and fan combo on the chipset)

Does cooling the ram on the video card improve performance, and/or allow more extreme overclocking?



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Cooling does allow for, in some cases, more overclocking. It does not, however, improve performance. A P3 500 running at 10 degrees performs exactly the same as a P3 500 running at 70 degrees.

So yes, cooling all that may help you be able to overclock a little more, but keep two things in mind. First, when you reach a components practical limit, all the cooling in the world wont help. Parts can only go so fast, so you can cool all you like and their limit wont change much. Second, remember that fans are electrical devices too, and that having 40 fans in your case will actually do more harm than good.

In general, cooling the chipset and cache is unnecessary. You should cool your CPU, your video card, and in some cases, your hard drive, but thats really all that require it.

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