Cooling the Coppermine 500E



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what type of cooling are you using with this chip, I just ordered mine so haven't gotten it yet (comes tomorrow), but I've heard the slotket adapter gets in the way of putting on a fan, etc. I was looking into going Peltier if it will fit on the chip. the mb is Abit BE6-II, 128mb ram, scsi hd, video card is G200 now, looking to buy the G400, also have Obsidian dual voodoo setup.


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I dont know why a SECCII heatsink wouldn't fit on a slotket but Alpha makes a good Socket 7 heatsink too. No reason a peltier wouldn't fit but they are hard to get working right. Good luck over-clocking that thing!! Let us know how it turns out.

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As far as cooling a socket/ < no clue.. I do know about peltiers tho... as to g400, I just got a 32mb vanilla at www.pcprogress , 165 bucks.. You can clock it to 150/200, with a decent cooler on it, it just comes with a huge heatsink....( 300mhz )

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PIII500E is very overclockable. I'm only using the factory heatsink for my [email protected] Just wipe off the thermal patch with rubbing alcohol and use thermal grease instead.


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Hey let me know how goes the progress, I should be getting a 500 or 550E soon. And if anyone knows where to find a good waterblock that will attach to the slocketII let me know, as I currently have a watercooled peltier and don't want to waste that rig!

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