cooling fan stats



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My origonal power supply fan died, and i replaced it with a cheep one. big mistake its really loud. I have been looking for a replacement, and i think i have found a good one. can someone please tell me weather these stats are good?
37 CFM
DC 12V / 0.22A
Ball Bearing
3300 RPM
29 dBA
8cm Case Fan


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Why don't you just go to a local computer shop and buy the fan? By the time you order it and pay for shipping you could've bought a whole new power supply.

David P

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Heh, local computer shop. Man, I wish I had one of those. Many of us who don't live by larger cities can't just hop on down to a store and pick up small things. We have to rely on others to tell us if something is a piece of crap.


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the stats seem good, most ball bearing fans are higher quality. If they call it a sleeve bearing it is really just a plastic ring put on the fan motor and they seem to be short lived, most after they start to wear make alot of noise before they quit all together.


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Look on Ebay (computers/general) there are lots of fans of different types,some are REAL cheep too.I just bought a twin fan 5.25 bay HDD cooler with filter,+ an 80mm ball bearing case fan for 8.00 + 3.00 shipping.You can buy a complete power supply with fan 230v or 250v around 10-15 dollars.


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thx, I've had a look around on american sites, and that fan looks at least better than average. Plus this ones in New Zealand which makes it easier for me
jeff - the replacement i got from my local shop was cheep, but its so loud, and they don't bother getting the good ones in