Connecting my wifi network to another??



Insane in the Brain
Hi Guys,

Basically, I have wifi internet access from the computer store downstairs, where I work of course. So, my boss has said I can go ahead and connect to it at night after work, and use this connection.

My problem is, I have networked printers, PS3, media sharing, etc...all going on on MY network. I basically have a wireless network in my place, seperate from my work's network, without any internet access. Just a local connection.

My question is, is there anyway to configure my router, to tell it to connect to the internet using the gateway from the downstairs wifi network?

I don't see how it would be possible without a wired LAN connection, from downstairs up to my apartment.

Any ideas/feedback would be great!




Caffeine Fiend
It depends on the routers. You may be able to set your router as a repeater. Remember that it will go both ways, so people on the work network will see all your stuff.