Connecting IBM laptop to TV thru DVI cable



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I need to know how to use the divi-female port on back of the docking station on an IBM thinkpad R40 SERies which I think most are the same. The S-Video worked fine when not in docking station, but my desktop crashed and bought docking station to plug in keyboard and rest of accs. and is transparent to user that you are using laptop. every port works fine and even use larger monitor out of vga port. but when I need a large picture thru plasma tv I used the S-video connection on laptop but that is the only connection that is not passed thru the docking station like they intentionally want you to be able to use a digital signal when you get it located in your home.
All adds for DVI to HDMI say for connection of computers to flatscreen tvs. EVen though in docking station S-video still works but crimps cable and I bought DVI-D cable and does nothing. Does the different types of dvi-A or -I make any difference on pin outs or do I need a driver or etc. Everything else worked when I plugged in docking station, I just don't know if I need a driver or in owners guide to said dvi port is up to SXGA out from factory I assume but if the pins are connected to different places on the different cables it will make a difference, I bought the DVI-D cable and no picture even when loading up which makes me think no software problem or would give partial picture when loading up until windows started. correct? Please help someone , if you know anything about IBM notepads. thanks so much,Richard:):confused::(