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First of all I got an AMD 64x2 6400+ cpu installed. In the bios the cpu frequency is at 200. The other choice is 400 or enter a hex number. Can I alter this to improve performance? if so would that alone do it or would it be in conjunction with changing other settings as well?

The other thing I am not sure of is the fact I have 2x1gig of ram installed at the moment. I am running win7 32bit, am I right in thinking that whilst the mobo supports 8gig. If I installed more memory that I would not see any improvement as such? and that anything more than 2gig is only a benefit when running 64bit OS.
Steve R Jones

Steve R Jones

Question #2 -> All 32 bit operating systems can use up to 4gigs of ram...Generally you will only be able to use maybe 3.2 to 3.5 gigs...

It depends on what you do with your pc if you'll gain by upgrading past 2 gigs.