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How can i configure my voodoo3 2000. i noted that my voodoo its very slow.
if someone could help me to configure it optimal. would be great.


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You haven't said what you are trying to run when it is 'slow'. My V3 2000 runs games perfectly ok if I stick to 800 x 600 res. I have a text guide to optimising the bios for the V3 for higher framerates but I tried it and didn't notice any difference.(But then I didn't benchmark before or after.) If you want it I can post it. Also what system are you running? are you sure the V3 is the problem?

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Yes we need more info. Motherboard and CPU would be nice. Do you have the latest 4in1 drivers (if you have a VIA chipset)? Do you have the latest Voodoo3/4/5 drivers (the 4/5 drivers work too and eventually merged at the very end). Have you overclocked it. Lots of cool tools to do that. Most of these Voodoo3 2000 will run at 166Mhz (from 143Mhz).

Application makes a big deal. CPU makes a big deal too. It might be the CPU holding you back. I got a hugh boost going from a K6-2 450 to a Duron [email protected] with my Voodoo3 2000 @166. Some game settings were more dependant on the CPU (like geomity, marks on walls and dynamic lighting) others were harder on the Graphics card (like resolution, texture size, and color depth). You can tweek some games quite a bit. With my K6-2 I use draw3dattacker 0 (got rid of the picture of the attacker), gibs 0 (decreased the massive blood spray), draw3dicons 0 (used 2D icons on the HUD, not in game). These helped quite a bit.

Admitadly with all these tweeks I still ran about 45FPS on my K6-2. With now tweeks and everything cranked up I still got about 55FPS with my Duron (800x600). I now have a GeForce2 GTS and I can run at 32bit color and 1150 for 72FPS. I was very happy with my Voodoo3 though. Lasted me over 2 years.

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Voodoo 3's are slow, comparatively speaking. I'm still using one in another PC, and I've gotten good results from Omegadrive's mixed driver sets. There are lots of settings you can fiddle with, most of which allow you to trade visual quality for speed. There are also some specialized drivers for use with certain games that apparently wouldn't run well on Voodoos, and helpful information on complete removal and installation of video drivers. Here's the link:

For an overclocking utility, this one's probably as good as any:
A 486 fan fits perfectly on the heatsink of the V3 2000, and is definitely recommended.

For general tweaking (BIOS & stuff), you may find this article helpful:

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Found this on an old post, someone has already posted the BIOS tweak.

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