Computer Overheats, Recommend a Power Supply and Fans



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Computer overheats, recommend a power supply and fans, please.

Here is my configuration.

Case - Neotech 2036 Black 400W
PSU - Chieftech 500W
CPU - Core i7 920 2.67GHz
VGA - AsusEN9800GTX+
RAM - Kingston 3x2GB
HDD - Seagate Barracuda 1TB
MOBO - Intel DX58SO

I would like to add more hardware later and I would like to get a 1KW Power supply.

I would also like to install additional fans since the system runs pretty hot.

Recommend me a reliable power supply and fans, please.


Do you mean that the processor is running hot, or the sytem/case temps are high?

What are your temps on those?


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Thank you for your reply.

Here is a SpeedFan screen shot.

Here is a brief summary of what happened.

My computer went totally unresponsive. I touched the case and it was hot. I restarted the computer and I noticed the OS Selection Menu and the Vista logon screen rendered somewhat slow.

I ran this test about half an hour later.

Right now the temperature in the room is 27C.

I am concerned since summers here get very hot, and temperatures jump to about 38C.




Take the side off the case (to help vent the hot air), start up the machine and then see what the BIOS says your CPU temps are.

Did you build this machine?

Is the heat issue new?


... I would like to add more hardware later and I would like to get a 1KW Power supply...
If set on using a 1000w power supply,
Some of the PSU models with generally decent reputation,
Corsair HX1000W, Enermax Revolution85+ 1050W, OCZ EliteXStream 1000w...