Computer messes up when Front Audio Panel is connected



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I have a rather strange problem I can't seem to nail down for the past few weeks. I have an HT Omega Striker sound card that I'm using in an HTPC. Here is the parts list

Gigabyte K8U-939 MB
AMD X2 3800+
2G DDR 400
Gigabyte 7600GS
HT Omega Striker
Sapphire TheaterTek 650
Seagate 320G SATA
XP Pro All Updates

I have all the latest drivers installed. The problem I have is that when I plug in the front panel audio it works for a while and then the system just seems to freak out after I shut down or reboot it. It will reboot constantly, give me errors like BAD_POOL_CALL or IRQ_DRIVER_LESS_THAN. I have made sure there are not IRQ conflicts and even removed all other cards leaving just the video, sound and hard drive with 1G RAM. I did a stress test with Prime 95 last night for almost 10 hours and it works fine.
If I leave the Front Audio unplugged I don't have any problems at all. Since I've been testing so much HTPC programs I just wonder if my OS is just on the fritz at this point and I'll have to do a clean installation to see if this fixes the problem
If my problem persists after a clean XP installation, could the problem be the soundcard, a short in the cable somehow or a driver problem somewhere? I plan on doing the reinstallation with the bare basics.