Computer just turns off



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I recently moved into a new/old house. I have 4 computers that all worked fine in the old house. Now at my new residence, 2 work fine, 2 don't.

i have no clue, but i suspect it might have something to do with the fact that the outlets in the 2 rooms where the computers are that don't work, are 2 prong non-grounded USA outlets. i have 2 prong to 3 prong convertor and I'm using a surge protector. I turn the computer on, it boots and goes into windows, but then while looking at the desktop the computer just shuts down. it makes the same sound that it does when you hold down the switch for 5 seconds to force the shutdown. After it shuts down, the switch doesn't respond, unless you wait 1/2 hour or so. Then it starts up again, but shuts down just the same.

Does this make sense. I'm trying to ground the outlets, but i don't know if I have a bad case or power supply or motherboard or just electrical troubles. Any help would be appreciated. I have read that surge protectors may not work correctly if plugged into a non-grounded outlet. Maybe this is the surge protector gone haywire.


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Sounds like the house's power is unstable. If there is enough of a sag, the PSU might just shut off. Definitely get those outlets grounded properly and invest in some UPSs.


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I'd check the voltage at the surge supressor with the computers on (or trying to boot, in other words with a load on the circuit) using a multimeter. But follow Midknyte's advice.