Compaq V2310CA Memory Upgrade



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i have a Compaq Presario V2310 notebook and i am looking to upgrade the existing memory on it. It currently has 512MB (DDR333) on it and i am looking to at least double it, if at all possible.

I am considering buying 2 sticks of Kingmax SODIMM 512MB 333MHz / PC2700 but am not sure if it will work on my laptop. Can anyone tell me if it will work or will i have issues with it?

Also, i was wondering if DDR2 memory will work fine with my laptop as it seems to be a cheaper alternative?



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you cannot use DDR2 dimms in a DDR slot. it won't work or physically fit. moreover, AMD cpus don't use DDR2.

The DDR 333 SODIMMs should work.