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I've had this Compaq printer for about six months. About a month ago, it ran out of ink. When I pulled the hood down, there was a double white tape sticking out. It goes from the board to the cartridge holder. I have pulled the hood down before, but never saw this tape sticking out. Perhaps, I shouldn't have, but I took the old cartridge out, so that I might use it to purchase the same thing. I cannot access my printer at all now. I've tried to install the new cartridge, but I keep getting a window saying the computer is not responding, because it is off-line.For the last week, I have checked out every possible remedy for the situation. The help guide says absolutely nothing about it, except to make sure the plugs are in the right place. DUH! I have plugged and unplugged a dozen times. I have checked the settings ad nauseam. Anyone know why I can't get my printer
on-line? It can't be anything too obvious, because I've been there.