Compaq Armada 1700 Notebook



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Hi, its been a while since I visited but!

I have picked up an older notebook, armada 1700 compaq. Someone has removed the power supply, probably because it blew up...I probably could have fixed it if it was still there.

I just want to test the unit before maybe buying a module and was wonderin if there was a techy guy/gal out there that:

a) has one and would be willing to pop the top to measure a few things.


b) someone has the acutal info I am after!

I have googled the world and tried tech support but I am getting nowhere really quickly!

What I want...

There is a five pin plug that goes to the main board from the power supply. 2 lots of 2 are parallelled, so there is really only three connections.

1 - ground
2 - main rail from psu... I guess somewhere between 19 and 25V
3 - don't know.. maybe power good?

These are what I need to know. If someone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Ta in advance.