Comments or experience with Hauppauge TV Tuners



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I've been looking for a TV Tuner for a while now and they are hard to research. I've only hear anyone mention ATI but ATI's TV Tuners require you to have an ATI video card to connect it too.
Hauppauge makes TV Tuners too. Has anyone here used one or know someone who uses one. Or do you know where I can find a review?



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I have a Hauppauge WIN/TV PCI TV card. It only requires a PCI slot, no funny connectors. It works very well, you can plug camcorders etc in to it, it's supported by MS Netmeeting and Windows 98 WebTV. It was a doddle to get working, it's small and it looks nice too. The latest versions you can buy an infrared remote control for. This plugs in to the S-VHS socket on the back, requiring no extra slots. To sum up, it does the job and it's cheap, buy one now, no buy two!.
We use one of our PC's as a spare TV using this card, picture quality on a good monitor is superb.

Their web site is


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I also had a Hauppauge WinTV. I used it with in my Packard Bell 133Mhz system which had built-in 2MB S3Virge video. Even with this poor set-up, it worked well - not a bad tuner card for the money. Although, I have seen lots of good reviews about the ATI tuner cards also.
Just my $.02.