Come on guys help me out here!



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I just want to know if I can use 4 voodoo2
cards in SLI.I have the open slots and
would like to try it.Has anyone done it?
If not...... by all means at least leave me
your opinion.


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I do not think it is possible to use 4
voodoo cards because these cards are designed
to do either odd or even lines of your display.

Atleast this is what I heard. It maybe possible but I surely wouldn't spend
that amount of money to just test that!

I think it would be wise to check that with
the technical staff of DiamondMM or another



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No, it is currently not possible to do this with retail Voodoo 2 cards. Of course, the capability to do so may be somewhere in the Voodoo architecture (just look at what Quantum 3d was able to accomplish with the original VG), as it was founded as a scalable arcade graphics chipset, but since no manufacturer makes this capability, you're SOL. Its just like the 3rd TMU, manufacturers know its not gonna sell, so why bother? Who else do you know who has 4 pci slots open?