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The IMB clone I have has a dead, soldered in, 3.6 volt Varta battery. Near the battery are four pins with the centre two pins jumpered out. I bought a 3.6 volt external battery and connected it to those pins. Pin 1 was the ground, pin 2 (no idea what this is for)
pin 3 was disabled (broken off) and pin 4 was the positive connection. Whrn I boot up, the same CMOS battery low error message appears on the screen and I have to go through the CMOS setup procedure. This tells me that for some reason, the computer doesn't recognize the new battery. I removed the new battery and booted up again, and the same thing happens. This tells me that the system doesn't recognize the new battery at all.

Is it possible that there needs to be a jumper setting changed somewhere to bypass the old battery?

I cannot identify my motherboard by anything other than "409R1 Made in Taiwan" and the
numbers "9325" embedded on the back of the board - on the front the board is the numbers "93-00951". Ther chipset is OPTi and the bios is AMIBIOS (American Megatrends 486DX
ISA BIOS (C)1992)

I am at loss for what to do. Please help!