CMI8330 sound chip - M577 motherboard



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I have an amd-k266-2 cpu on a pcchips 577 motherboard. The only way i ca get the system to boot is to turn off the sound chip in the bios, Has anyone gotten this configuration to work? Does this mean a bad sound chip or system conflict? If anyone has got this to work I'd like to compare notes with you.


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No boot? There must be another card in your system that is conflicting with it.

If it is a shutdown issue with WIN98, get the patch from PC Chips' web site. (

My M577 works the same with and witoutht he onboard sound chip enable. (Not that it works that great in the first place.)


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If having the sound on board enabled is causing the system to not boot at all, but it boots fine with the sound disabled, there is likely a fault with the sound processor, or the circuitry on the motherboard that is part of the data path for the sound system.
If the system boots up part way ie: gets to the windows splash and wont go anyfurther, it could be a device conflict or driver problem. Try booting into safe mode (im assuming you are using windows 9x) and use the trouble shooter. It sounds most likely that there is a problem with the sound chip itself or the motherboard circuitry that accesses the sound chip. Pcchips has a 2 year replacement warranty on newer motherboards, so you should take it back to the dealer that sold it to you, or the computer manufacturer that made the system.
If you have no warranty left on your computer, think about getting a new sound card and disabling the built on one. Sound card prices are quite reasonable, especially if you dont want any of the bells and whistles such as 3d positional audio. There are quite acceptable cards on the market right now that suit most average users for about 20-30 dollars.
Good luck...