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I would like to install the new NVIDIA Detonator 3 6.18 drivers...I heard from others that a clean install of these new drivers will result in the best performance.

I would really like to know how this clean install is done...I know remnants of a previous driver can still be present in a system even if uninstalled correctly...What are these remnants and how do I completely remove them before installing the new drivers??


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There are full details of what registry entries to delete in the Geforce FAQ. To do this you would need to select a standard windows VGA driver, (the way you should update detonators anyway), so you can delete the Nvidia driver reg entries.

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Kroblanx if you are using a Creative card goto there site and download the Fast Trax drivers there. Its also based on the D3 drivers from Nvidia but it has some nice feature build in like o/c'ing and many more features.