CIH explodes, destroys my PC.



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Suprisingly, I wasn't that pissed when I got home for lunch today and got the BSOD from my video crashing. I knew exactly what it was. CIH!!!!
I proceeded to reboot........
Please insert system diskette. Hit enter to reboot
Nothing. Everything is gone. Inserted floppy with DOS on it......
Invalid system diskette
I'm still not pissed. So I insert my Windows98 CD, and begin re-installing.

Why am I not pissed? Because Linux is on another machine. The only thing I used Windows for was Cakewalk, which I had backed up.

I have to blame something/someone. Here's my list.

#1. Norton Antivirus:
Norton has detected CIH twice. I removed it twice. Last night even. Didn't matter, it still wacked me. Norton itself got infected with CIH on the floppy last night.

#2. Me. Ok, maybe I really didn't give a shit about losing anything from a virus on my Windows machine. I also forgot to power the machine off last night, "just in case". But oh well.

#3. Windows9x. How can an OS be so poorly designed that this is even a plausible circumstance? Ever wonder why Linux doesn't have Anti-virus programs? User space. Simple concept, yet brilliant.

- Office98 - who cares? But I don't have the CD anymore, so oh well.

- Frontpage98 - Didn't really use it anyway, but it's nice to have.

- 2,000 instrument samples. Guess what I'll be doing this weekend.

I'm currently debating whether or not to throw in the towel on Windows altogether. The only reason I use it now is for a couple of games and Cakewalk. I found a similar sound editing program for Linux, but it's not as polished as Cakewalk. I also haven't played a PC game in about 5 months. (Playstation through my TV tuner card)
Comments welcome....


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Jesus H. I can't believe your misfortune may not the right word

#1 Did you update your virus defs. recently? Norton may not have had the Chernobyl killing power needed without 'em. Symantec went so far as to post on it's site a stand alone .exe to nuke the s.o.b., not that this is particularly relevant...Moving along..

#2 how candid of you pal...don't wanna go there...
(muffled laugh)

#3 Consider this...Assuming your MoundO'Shite Windork rig is networked with your purring kitten Linux box, it's plausible that Linux actually gave sanctuary to CIH and you inadvertently passed on the sh*t to Winblows...Like it or not it's worth considering...And perhaps taking a proactive approach by (eeps!) running an Anti-virus program on da penguin may have averted your situation.

Linux is not omnipotent. Even Dennis Ritchie conceded as much... Running binaries as root (ok, ok, OK!!..I can hear ya already, sheesh!) that you didn't compile yourself is tantamount to crushing your own defences. Have you ever seen/read about these puppies:
Linux.Bliss or Linux.Vit.4096...

"Frontpage98 - Didn't really use it anyway, but it's nice to have."? Isn't this an oxymoron???

2,000 instrument samples...Ouch! That musta hurt...

If you had thrown in the towel on MoundO'Shite I wouldn't be reading this as comic relief and I'd miss it. I'm sure you don't wanna truncate your knowledge by abandoning your on-going comparative analysis of Winsux & Linux...Without credibility a martyr is just a stupid dead guy.

Sorry to hear about yer troubles mate...Really! *snicker* (kidding)

"By 1991, Unix had become the most widely used multiuser general-purpose operating system in the world. Many people consider this the most important victory yet of hackerdom over industry opposition..."


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Eccentric, Sorry to hear about your "loss". Really hate to hear 'bout tose 2K intstruments lost. Thank God for the Internet! I can forward you a copy of the Beta for Office 2000 if you are interested. Email me at [email protected]

P.S. Careful what you say about M$. You don't want to piss off gyx!


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"Frontpage98 - Didn't really use it anyway, but it's nice to have."? Isn't this
an oxymoron???
Not really. I don't really use it, but every now and then I start a web project. (But never finish them)

Did you update your virus defs. recently?
Yep, surely did. I actually got rid of CIH once. I thought. I didn't know about the Symantec nuker. The sad thing is even if I did, I wouldn't have cared, because I'm not very protective of my Windows machine anyway.

Linux passing it to Windows? You're right it's plaussible but highly unlikely. Why? Windows doesn't have access to anything on the Linux machine. I have ftp'd between the two, but I seriously doubt there are Linux programs lurking with CIH. Besides I know where it came from. The first time I detected it, my machines weren't networked. I guy at work had a bunch of CD's with pirated apps he downloaded from newsgroups in .rar format. It was every app I ever wanted. So being an ass I installed them, not thinking of checking them. Well I checked them afterwards, and supposedly removed CIH. (SUPPOSEDLY) Guess it is my fault. Windows still sucks!

You'd have to be a real ass to expose a Linux machine to a virus. There's only two ways I can think of to fall victim to such.
1. Running binaries as root. But that's just plain stupid.
2. Something malicious in an install script. Possible, but you can always look at the code of the install script before you run it. I do.

I can't stop using Windows I guess. You hit the nail on the head Polaris. If I stop, what do I have to compare Linux to? Then I'll join the masses debating about KDE or Gnome, Redhat or Debian, etc.

However, this could be a positive. When I get everything back to normal, the only things that will be installed on my Windows machine will be:
- Cakewalk, DVD front-end, and TV tuner front end (until I decide to re-compile my kernel, so I can use Linux for it)

That's it.


Thanks but no thanks!

I'm not going to be using Office ever again.
I'll have my StarOffice thank you!


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I just heard on the news on TV that only about 70 people were infected by the CIH virus. This is a far cry from the predicted millions of people to be infected. They said the people hit hardest were the students at a University in Boston.


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This is a bunch of crap...70 people...I work at a technical support company for a rather large computer company, supporting end users.

We took about 22,000 calls today and about 2/3 of those calls were people that had empty hard drives, thanks to CIH....


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Maybe it was 70,000 people. I might have heard wrong(or the news people said it wrong).


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Eccentric I guess I'm not soory about your loss
Anyway I have a couple of pc's for sale/trade if your interested they both have w98 on them but I'll be glad to FDisk either one before I ship them out

Polaris, I find a topic that I don't know anything about and want to comment and you end up covering all the bases,good job lol. by the way what does (truncate)mean; a virus must of ate my dictionary!


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Truncate \Trun"cate\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Truncated; p. pr. & vb. n. Truncating.] [L. truncatus, p. p. of truncare to cut off, mutilate, fr. truncus maimed, mutilated, cut short. See Trunk.] To cut off; to lop; to

Eg. Red Dawn truncates any Puto on the board!


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Bandit I'm from the south(below Tenn.not Florida)does that mean I can be called a high tech redneck?

A army fights off it's stomach,when people ban together then there is power in numbers!

I dun no

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I work for a tech support at my university and i've already had 10 calls just in my building alone. CIH is a pain in my ass.


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CIH killed my dualboot WIN/Linux box...I usually only run Linux, but was testing out a celeron to see if it was oc'able - booted in to Win98, got a GPF, re-booted, no POST, no nothing.
This clinched it for me - I will never ever use Windows XXX on any of my systems.
Eccentric states:
I'm currently debating whether or not to throw in the towel on Windows altogether.
This last debacle of mine on a Win system ended my debate once and for all.


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Yep Miless looks like were rednecks

High-Tech Red-Necks that is

I study computers all week, and go to the drag races on Friday and Saturday. Then get drunk
Life is good..

¤\¤ Bandit ¤/¤


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I heard that! Oh silverfish must be looking in the mirror
.Yea Bandit one of the things I thought I wanted to do was get out town,so I did for about 18 years but I'm back home now and it feels good to be able to leave the big city behind; don't get me wrong I had some good times there,but it's not the same as getting away from @#%holes like william,will,bill souder(formaley known as triston),and silvershit
.It's just something you have to experience to understand.