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Anyone know of any good laptop-spec databases? I'm trying to find just the right laptop for me and I'm having a doozy of a time. Alternatively, if anyone here has any suggestions, that'd be great.

Must have:
1+ USB 3.0
16x9 resolution or better
6 hours battery
right-click key on the keyboard
SD card reader
Upgrade-able RAM or at least 8GB
<15" screen
Core i5

Nice to have:
Backlit keyboard
2+ USB 3.0
6+ hours battery
<14" screen
Ethernet port (without dongle)
Docking station
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6hours bttery seems little difficulty to get.
Most 4hours are good based on the normal online app, not gaming though.

Most laptops with i5 and some i7 cpu will meet what you needed.
Of course, many AMD CPU powered laptops as well.

Hope this helps.
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Choosing a new laptop could be a hectic task because there are plenty of options available, first you have to figure out the purpose for which you need it and then decide a budget.