Choose Hard Drive to boot from



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I was wonder how i could choose which hard drive i want to boot from. One has vista and one has xp on it. If there is a tutrrial or anything that i can follow i would appreciate it. I already tried searching for one but couldnt get anything.



If they are on separate drives, I would expect that you could do that via selection of boot order in the BIOS.


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Jimbo's right. All you need to do is enter your BIOS setup screen and find the "Boot order" or similarly-named option. It's different for every flavor of BIOS out there, so I won't go into specifics.

Post again with specifics about your machine and the type of BIOS you have if you need more help. You can find your BIOS name and revision number from witin Windows by using the "Run. . ." button on your "START" menu in XP pro and type: "msinfo32", without punctuation, of course.

Good luck.


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i have an abit av8 board with

Bios version Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG
SMBOIS Version 2.3 (what ever the hell that is)

My 1st boot i have on cd rom then it goes to my primary hdd then my slave hdd.


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I don't think the bios can handle this. You've got 2 operating systems, so you need a boot manager. Every linux distro has one, but you have two M$ OS. I would suggest looking for a freeware boot manager. One of the software sites like Major Geeks would have one -- probably several. It would be installed in the boot sector of your C drive, or primary master, and would give you the option of which OS to boot, with a timeout default to one of them.


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Also, you could use the windows native boot manager which works just fine.

1. Right click on "My Computer" and select "Properties",

2. Select the "Advanced" tab,

3. Under "Startup and Recovery" select "Settings",

4. Under "System startup", there will be a drop-down menu for selecting the default OS. Select the OS you want to be your default and make sure the first check box below is unchecked. It reads: "Time to display list of operating systems:".

5. Click "OK" and "Apply" anywhere necessary and restart your machine.

This should cause your PC to boot into either XP or Vista, whichever you chose as default.

Good luck.


Provided that original was installed as dual boot,
Then, above method will work.
Otherwise, it will not.


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If you install WinXp first and then Vista, Vista will automatically set the link so you can choose which one to boot to. The two operating system have to be on separate partitions or drives, whichever you want.

Vista boots differently than WinXp and you CANNOT simply change your boot.ini file for it to boot.

I know my Bios only allows one hard drive or RAID array at a time to boot from. I don't like that. I would have to go into setup each and every time if I didn't install them as mentioned above.

Hope this helps.

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