Cheap modem a great find.



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I wanted to share what I think was a big score. I've always used US Robotics modems (in the days before 3COM). When I built myself a new computer and moved my old TX/Intel 200mmx system into my 10 year old daughters room I pulled out the trusty old US Robotics 840 33.4 Fax modem for my new system. When she wanted her own email I thought 'what the hell, I'll throw in the cheapest modem I can find hope it works even half the time'. I went to 'Universal Computer Distributing's site as I've found them to be a cheap, reliable retailer and bought the cheapest modem they had, an Aztech 56k PCI (model #MDP3858SP-U) for $52 shipped. Now I've often found even good modems to be less-than-smooth installs so I was prepared to do alot of manual resourse juggling. When it came, I popped it in, turned on the computer, stuck in the floppy when prompted by Windows, and the damn thing promptly conneted to EarthLink at 33.6. I'm in a small town with lines that don't support 56k access and in two years and 6 ISPs, I've never connected at above 28.8. Now, when I need to download a 35MB Game, I sneak into my daughters room and do it with the amazing Aztech marvel. Maybe it's just a good hardware match but I'm impressed.