celsius, farenheit, degrees........



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I'm curious what's the optimal temperature for intel proccesors, especially celerons. It is true that the cooler means the better perfomance?
So is possible that a cpu to perform better at lower temperature?
My cel [email protected] stays beetwen 27(at startup)and 39 (after running several times crusher.dm2 or playing homeworld).
Is this temperature good?
If not pls tell what to do to lower the temp. I'd buy a peltier but in my contry (Romania) there is no chance of finding something like that.
I mention that I already used thermal paste and I have 11 fan in my case and a pretty good circulation.


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11 fans?????
A little question, how much noise does it make, or rather, do you need earpluggs to be in the same room=


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Im assuming thats in Celcius, in which case thats a very fine temperature. Most intel celerons are capable of taking 60C - 65C on the processor...your cooling is fine.

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