Celeron socket 370 overclocking



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I have bought an Aopen AX6BC motherboard with a slot 1. Now that slot 1 celerons are hard to get hold off I am thinking of fitting a Celeron 370 socket processor into a slot one adaptor. As I have not heard of anyone who has overclocked one of these new processors in an adaptor card I would appreciate any info as to whether this would
overclock and also which would be the best processor for overclocking.


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I have a socket 370 version of the Celeron 366 OEM with an MSI slotket (MS-6905). I'm now running at 550MHz, very stable. MSI slotket is best for overclocking.


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I run my [email protected] on ABIT BH6 with ASUS Slocket adapter..

I have not had a bit of trouble....

I would take SOS' opinion that MSI is a good board.. I did have some trouble with a 370/Slot1 adapter that came in a box with 'PCCHIPS' on it... The board itself did not have any ID info on it..