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My son and I are trying to set up a computer for college. Celeron 400 ppga on a ABIT BM6. We had some initial problems with setup "CMOS Checksum error" and lockup and now a week later it has crashed a couple times and last evening refused to reboot Win98. Took the case off today was able to reset the bios to defaults and got it working fine. Had thought the problem was perhaps a short, but now wonder if it is heat related. This is a Intel retail heat sink and fan. Running at 400 with no overclocking. What rpm should we get from the retail fan? What temp reading from the board is considered too high? Monitor with the ABIT included program? Thanks.


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well my 400 slot 1 ran bout 29C with a nice heatsink...but i think the ppga chips would be hotter cause of the heatsink size...like 40C? 50C? I believe that intels max temp rating for the celeron is like 80C?
or maybe its the video card overheating? i had a bunk 3dfx banshee that just overheated continiously...but if u reset the bios and now it runs...maybe something else was messed like ram timings?


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Intel heatsink/fan should be more that adequate....
Heat sink should be only 'warm' when fan is running..

Check heat sink with fan off... it should feel pretty hot.... if not, there is not a good thermal connection between the heatsink and the CPU..

The Intel heatsink comes with 'thermal tape on it.. i would clean this off and apply as thin a layer of 'thermal grease' as possible..
You can usually get this at Radio Shack...

You could void your warranty by making changes.. so be prepared to take responsibility...


Of course, I personally, do not recommend that you make any
adjustments, not recommended by the manufacturer.

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