Celeron 400 @ 500



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I just bought a celeron 400 (PPGA=>Slot1) system with an Abit BH-6 Motherboard and a Hercules Dynamite TNT (16 MB) video card.
I had the FSB set at 83 MHz with 2,1V.
The CPU temperature was 32°C, which is not very much I think...
Is this a realistic temperature?
Could I try to set the FSB up to 100MHz?
If yes, which core voltage should I choose?
How should I set the AGP Divider...2/3?
Plese give some advice. Thanks!


Temp looks good, try increasing the FSB to 100 MHz and set core voltage to 2.3 volts.

If the system does not boot, then stay at 500 MHz. Less than 2% of Celeron 400A's will run at 600 MHz.


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hey i got a celery 400 on Abit BM6 (pure socket 370) running at 500 fine with no probs at all kinda hot tho but eh, I tried 600 but it freezes at the win 98 boot screen :/ I have a very bad cooling fan and a tiny heatsink, but i seen a review with supercooling and a celeron 400 at 1ghz !!!! im not joking, i mean with -20c a lot is possible... http://www.hardwarecentral.com/hardwarecentral/tutorials/718/15/