Celeron 300a Voltage?



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I've been running my Cel300a costa rica now for about a month at 2.2 volts. It seems to be hot around 35C. Am I too high? I have a whopper from computernerd and it seems to be all I need for cooling, 4 fans, 2 heatsinks. What's the base voltage and how hot it too hot?


Too hot is when the computer no longer boots up, or when it shuts down or reboots on its own.

If it is running stable, then it is fine.

You may want to try decreasing the voltage now that it has been running for a while.

If it is not stable at the lower voltage, increase it again.


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I would try that puppy back at 2.0v and see what happens, if its unstable at all, bump it up in .05v increments. That is what I did with my 300a, ended up at 2.05v.

Hope I helped.

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