Cele 566 safe temps and voltage?



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At what cpu temperature and voltage should I start thinking to myself, "Hmmmmm....maybe I shoudn't push it much further."


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Anything below 47°C under load is fine. Of course the cooler the better. And most consider ~1.7 - 1.8 Volts to be the upper ceiling without TEC or water cooling on a celery II.

Go as far as you feel comfortable.
Good luck!

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I have my celly [email protected] (112fsb) at 1.95v at 40c. I cant seem to get any higher without getting registry errors. Maybe its the ram (pc100 128mb)

At 850mhz (100fsb) i only need 1.75 to get 99% stability.

BE6-II, Alpha 6035, MSI slocket. I would keep the temps under 47c also, but voltage I wouldnt to go above 2.0v


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Yeah, up to 1.75 voltage wise u dont really need to worry at all. As for temps, once u start to go over 45ish u should probably start to take notice.


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I've had a [email protected] for 6 months now and it's worked great. Core at 1.85, psf-b board. I had to use an asus slocket and that's the only thing I worry about. I don't really trust the temps. The board won't read at all cause there's no sensor to plug in. MB5 picked up on the diodes and the chipsets so I've been using that. Don't laugh but I use a laser temp gauge at work and I brought it home and used it on the chip. It did agree with MB5 so I guess I'm okay. Idle..30c, load..36c. 2 case fans and generic hsf. Anyway, it works.


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Don't get greedy like Duckman did, when he fried his Celly][ with 2.1v

I don't know if P3's are more robust, but I've been aircooling my coppermine at 2v for quite some time now, only damage so far has been three blown caps on my BE6-][ (haven't fixed it yet, switched over to the BF6). DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE IMPORTANCE OF EVEN A SLIGHT BREEZE ACROSS THE ENTIRE MOTHERBOARD (I did).

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