Cel II 566 @ 850 /Sisoft Sandra ???



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Got a few questions......Just got a 566/850 Celeron on a IWILL slocket....the slocket is jumpered on auto detect and in the bios of my BE-6 I've set 8.5 @ 100mhz fsb ...it posts at 850 ( yippie !! ) but can only increase my voltage up to 1.7v before the same BE-6 had a 366/550 Celeron at 2.1v ....in Sisoft Sandra the "mainboard" info shows the FSB @ 190mhz and [email protected] 48Mhz 1/4 and AGP @ 1/2 do I trust SiSoft's readings ??? Also do I set mt slocket any different to enable some higher voltage settings or just set it all manually on the slocket ???

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You have to set the voltage manually. I had to do this with my BH6 which only went to 1.7 volts. I am noy familiar with the Abit but the fsb reading has to be wrong. The others I believe are a feature of the Be-6 but am not certain.

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