CDVSD 0xE error in win98 FE



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Got a little problem here:

I have a Pioneer 16x dvd drive in my computer, which works perfectly with windows 2000 and linux.

Problem with Win98:
Boot it. I click on the Explorer icon, and I get this blue screen saying CDVSD caused an error 0xE , and it was called from VXD or something.
I can't do anything but the three fingered salute. And this time when I boot it , it works fine. IT's like I have to boot it, crash, reboot , and then things are OK. Fortunately I click on explorer as soon as I get in, so none of the volumes seem to have been mounted, thus I don't see any scandisks on reboot .

This is not just annoying- I have other partitions on the same hdd, for other operating systems, and I don't like to trash them.

Any clues as to what the **** is up with win98 fe and this dvd rom ?