cdr-w audio problems



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I'm setting up a new computer for a customer. They had nothing but grief with their old CD-R machine (HP 7100) when it came to audio. Constant buffer overruns and underruns - only with audio/music recording. Any suggestions re: a faster CD-R or software package to use. I watched the previous posting on the HP 8100i but noticed no mention of audio recordings. Anyone have experience with that particular device?


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I am presently using the HP8100 CDR to record audio (CD/MPEG/etc.). I had problems also recording directly from my Toshiba 36X CD-ROM, CD to CDR. The best way to record without any problems is to convert all CD song files to WAV files first, save them in a folder on your hard-drive and then write them back to your CDR. The CD-WAV programs are available on most shareware sites, such as,, etc. Hope that this helps, as I feel that the HP CD-R (even the 7100) is a very good writer.