CD-Writer problems



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I have an HP7100i and it has worked and not worked so many times in the past three years it is crazy.

I have read so much at so many places, if you are having buffer underruns, my take is that it is setup/software related. If other then likely h/w related, ie dirty.

The HP7100is is a Phillips, it is sold under many, many brands. My best advice is watch out for the HEAT. Keep the thing as cold as possible, above zero naturally. Lenses do get dirty and the lubricants inside do degrade and become sticky after time with use , dust and heat. CD quality can affect how many coasters you will make too. If you start making coasters all of a sudden, try swapping a couple of blank CD's with someone else, and try a different brand or two. Once you find one that works, stick to it.

Hitting the CD writer, as one person did, may jar dust or dirt loose and make it work again, but certainly not recommended. It is more likely it started working again cause it was outside of bay cooled down.

You can not believe how little tolerance these things have, if it' off a little, you are SOL.

I have tried absolutely everything except the DMA stuff, but did make a new W98 hw profile and disabled alllllll cards and s/w not needed or necessary in the burning. I even tried all comb. of primary and sec. bus, master and slave, no help.

I ran across a great page for cleaning and that is what I will do next. Now I have to find a friggin torx tool small enough, arghhhh, none of my knives work either.

By the way, HP were ignorant from the begining and I would have returned it week one had they been cooperative, but they denied service until the warranty was up of course. Adaptec software sucks, WINCDR was wonderful but now no worky either. Next one I buy will be a a cheapo, forget the HP name forever, better to spend $150 bucks and toss it out after a year or two than give HP $300 or $400 bucks and then spend a year troubleshooting their carp.

Here is the cleaning link