CD-RW - which is best for burning psx???

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IDE Vs SCSI - which flavour is best, i.e. what's wrong with IDE is one have small budget?

Anyone with experience with the new Blaster CD-RW 6424?


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If your questionable on IDE or SCSI.. then I would definately go with IDE. SCSI is not worth the hassle or the $$ for the drive and the SCSI card. I have a complete IDE setup and am quite happy. As far as the brand goes, I have an ACER 6206A, and although it has not given me any problems, I would stay away from the cheap ACER. I like th HP's. They are good quality, and a good price. Definately check before you buy, I've seen some good prices on there!

ps. Toolbox is right, Plexor rules, but you'll pay a lot for it... Yamaha is also a very good, but expensive choice.


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I think if the Creative 6424 rewriter is the Ricoh OEM version, it should do well.
I've just bought a Ricoh MP7060a, IDE version. It is real good, writing at at least 550kb/s for the CD-RW, pretty fast as I've connected it as a secondary slave, with the both master for harddisk and the primany slave as CD-Rom drive.

Anyone knows how to connect a IDE mode 4 Quantum HD, about 3 years old, as a primany slave?


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Copying PSX, small budget?
any burner with DAO, Disk at Once. Use CDRWIN, burn at 2X. Email me if you want to know where to get CDRWIN.


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Hey Lex,

I guess having SCSI is not worth the hassle. It only take up one IRQ in my whole computer setup, and I play Unreal botmatch everytime while burning CDs. I guess I must have wasted my money somehow. Of course, you did that with your IDE burner and got good backup everytime don't you? =)


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I have a smart and friendly speed writer at
home. It was PC mag editors choice last
year. I have had absolutely NO problems
with it. Great unit.

As far as SCSI vs. IDE, the better units
ALL use SCSI. The older units had a hard
time streaming a CD when the source and
destination were both IDE. That seems to
be remedied, but, I personally prefer SCSI.

I am not sure what the hassles others have
talked about are. You plug in the card,
attach your cdr or cdrw and go to town.
Installation was simple on my PC:

Abit BE6 / PII 400
128 mb ram
12 gb hard drive.
48x cdrom
tnt2 ultra
sblive value
v90 modem (not a winmodem)
and of course the smart and friendly 4x12

Good luck.


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I guess Toolbox and I just think alike. The Plexwriter is definitely the way to go if you want a fast, accurate burner.PSX games are tougher to burn than regular CDs, and the Plexwriter's 4MB buffer will let you burn a PSX game faster than most burners. If the Plexwriter 8/2/20 burner is too expensive, then go with the Plexwriter 8/20. You won't be able to RW with the 8/20, but most people don't anyway. HPs are also very good but not as fast and accurate as the Plexwriters.


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its best to copy psx games using a 1x burning speed, possibly 2, but 1 gives you the best copy possible. If you burn faster than 1x, the game can be messed up and possibly lose audio and movie information. I have done this with a few games, I burned it at 4x and lost almost all of the talking that went on in the game, I burned at 1x and it ran perfectly. For your budget, I would stick with an IDE drive and pickup a mitsumi 4x2x8x for like 110 bucks now. Thats cheap and thats what me and 2 other of friends bought and they work wonderfully. If your primarily going to be copying psx games, then dont go for an 8x burner, thats going to make the copying faster but your games could turn out really bad. 4x is really all you need, and even 2 is good, since you dont really want to copy psx games at more than 2x if you wanna keep the sound and possibly the movies of the game intact.
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