CD-RW Decision Woes



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I'm looking into purchasing a new CD-RW drive, but I'm not sure what brand to go for. I like the new 4x cdr writers, these are the brands I would consider buying:

HP 8100i
Sony Spressa CRX100E/CH

Which one should I go for?


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I'm having the same dilemma. Which one to buy? I know (having sold them retail) that as a whole the Ricoh brand has had quality problems. Especially Ricoh media is terrible.
I haven't heard much on the Sony and would like some input.
I've read really good things about the HP8100, but the cost is high for eide.
For that price I'm considering going for a Yamaha scsi 4416sk which includes a scsi card for about $380.


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I too have seen many a snag with the Ricohs. Apparently Ricoh was the company that made the chipsets for the HP cd-rs too. That is why the HP ones were so problematic when they first came out!


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Ricoh media terrible? I LOVE using Ricoh media. Made over a hundred cd's w/ exactly two media related screw ups. Memorex had two screw ups in the first ten and so did sony. In fact, of the 6 to ten types I have tried, Ricoh has been, by far, the most reliable.


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As far as cdrws go, I love my Philips cdd3610. it's only a two speed write/rewrite but it has been very reliable (knock on wood) Philips appears to be a good brand.

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I've never used one myself, but from what I've heard, Plextor should have very good drives.