CD-RW Challange (sort of)



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Ok I work at a computer company and get good deals on some products. That being said I’m looking for a new CD-R and have 4 choices.

#1 RICOH (6X4X24) SCSI#7060S (OEM)

#2 Yamaha (8X4X24X)SCSI #CRW8424S (OEM)

#3 CDRW-SONY (8X4X32X)SCSI #CRX140S (Retail)

#4 HP (8X4X32X) #9200i SCSI (Retail)

I know that Ricoh is highly praised around here but I would like the 8X unless there is a BIG Pro to the Ricoh. The Yamaha line has been very good (except a certain 4X IDE writer.) I haven’t heard anything about the Sony. And the HP 9200i is the SCSI version of the well reviewed 9100.

Anybody had and luck (good or bad) with any of these drives?



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Hey Doc,

The Hewlett Packard would be my first choice. If is fast, easy, comes with some great software... Adaptec Easy CD Creater 4.0 and DirectCD...

I have installed 12+ of them and everyone I talked to is very happy with the performance.

Another plus is the fact that HP is generally the first to have updated drivers.


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Thanks that's what I wanted to hear.

Anybody used a Sony. I'll probally stick with the HP based on reviews and such but I'm curious how the Sony stacks up to the others


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Not sure about the 9200, but up to now all the HPs have been Sonys so the two should be basically the same machine. Consider the Yamaha – they really make quality machines. The Ricoh does not do raw writing at all, so if you plan to backup copy protected stuff it is not a really good choice right now.

I spent a year on the boards trying to sort out an IDE HP burner. It seems the top of the heap quality wise are the Plextor’s and Yamahas. I bought a Plextor I am very happy with, but my next choice would have been Yamaha.

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I bought a Sony excatly the one you mentioned. Did not get it to work yet with my Iwill 2935LVD SCSI card. At least not the write part and the read part works through dos drivers under win95 which slow things down. Have a read in my question today, thanks.


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I'd have to say that Adaptec's Easy CD Creator 3.5c and 4.0 are total garbage! Nero (Nero 5.0 will be out on the 30th), CDRWin 3.8a, and Cequadrat's WinOnCD 3.7 are much better CD-R burning programs. Adaptec's Easy CD Creator doesn't offer near as many advanced options as Nero so Easy CD Creator is really only for newbies.

As far as the CD-RW drives go you can't beat the reliability and quality of a Ricoh CD-RW drive! I guess you don't know this, but Ricoh has a 8x4x32 CD-RW drive out now. It's called the MP7080A or MP7080S for the SCSI version. Put that drive with a serious CD-R burning program like Nero and you'll have one heck of a combo. If you can't find the Ricoh drive then I would just wait until you find one because it will be well worth the wait



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personally i would go for the yamaha, i have its "baby brother" the 6416s, and have had no problems at all. None.



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yep- defiantly the yamaha./... sony and hp have had a little bit of a shakey history... the richoh is awesome, but its only 6x, and that really sucks.... youll defiantly want the 8x, and i would get the yamaha


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You've gotta go with the Yamaha.

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Long experience in bad old days (like 1996) of CD-R: nightmares of compatibility
across platforms which led to a subculture of studio geeks comparing discs from
various burners, scrutinizing firmware updates and manufacturing details in an attempt
to find something, ANYTHING, that would work.....

....and we came up with Yamaha. Don't get me wrong, things are quite different these
days, and many burners are fine....but you can have my bloody Yamahas when you pry
them from my cold, calloused hands.

I currently have 4416SX and 6416SX (these are external SCSI-2 versions) installed on
multiple sights, and have yet to burn a disc that won't play in the oldest, most rundown
non-multi-session CDROM's and audio CD players (our favorite litmus test gadget:
vintage Sony bookshelf system player, circa 1985!).

If it sounds like I'm raving, sorry. I just remember what it was like when burning CD's
was more akin to witchcraft than science. I'm keepin' my Yamahas.